SRI-Rice conducts technical support visit to southern Togo

As the official technical partner for the project, Cornell University’s SRI International Network and Resources Center (SRI-Rice), based in Ithaca, NY, USA, is responsible for conducting periodic support visits to countries throughout the project region. In early March SRI-Rice Technical Specialist Devon Jenkins traveled to southern Togo for a short two-day trip to meet with project partners and observe project activities.

ESOP Rice Processing Plant in Notsé

ESOP Rice Processing Plant in Notsé

Kokou Joseph ADOKANOU's SRI trial plots in Kovié

Kokou Joseph ADOKANOU’s SRI trial plots in Kovié

Highlights from Devon’s trip include:

  • Meetings with GRAPHE, ETD/ESOP, ITRA, and WAAPP
  • Field visits to Notsé and Kovié/Zio River Valley to visit with producers
  • Visit to ESOP rice processing plant in Notsé
  • Scouting for a future technical workshop

A full list of SRI-Rice support trips and their reports are posted on the Project Documents page. The full report of this support trip is also available here.

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