SRI-Rice conducts technical support visit to Liberia

As the official technical partner for the project, Cornell University’s SRI International Network and Resources Center (SRI-Rice), based in Ithaca, NY, USA, is responsible for conducting periodic support visits to countries throughout the project region. In late February and early March SRI-Rice Director of Programs Dr. Erika Styger traveled to Liberia to gain a better understanding of the state of SRI there, and give counsel to WAAPP and rice sector officials.


Highlights from Dr. Styger’s trip include:

  • Meetings with: CHAP; WAAPP Liberia; USAID’s FED project; SAPEC; IFAD; the Farmer’s Union Network (FUN); the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Coordination Committee;
  • Field trip to CARI research station;
  • Visit to BRAC field station
  • Presentation to the Agricultural Coordination Committee;
  • SRI field visit with USAID’s FED project
  • Consultation with CHAP field staff on the design of their SRI project
  • SRI training for CHAP field agents

A full list of SRI-Rice support trips and their reports are posted on the Project Documents page. The full report of this support trip is also available here.

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