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Regional technical workshop to be held in Kpalimé, Togo

Attendees have just been sent invitations, and final preparations are underway for a regional technical workshop to be held in Kpalimé, Togo, in early August.

Representatives from each of the WAAPP SRI project’s thirteen participating countries will be in attendance, allowing for an in-depth exchange about SRI adaptation across national borders. The workshop will be the first to focus solely on technical components of the project, and will give participants an opportunity to help shape the technical framework for the coming year. A new version of the project’s Technical Manual will be reviewed, and feedback from the workshop will be incorporated into the operational version which will be released here on the project website after the workshop.

Items on the agenda include: adaptation of SRI to different agroecosystems and rice production systems; mechanization; pedagogy and farmer outreach; conceptual understanding of SRI, etc. Check back with this site for more updates before, during and after the workshop!


To see more about SRI in the host country, Togo, visit our country page.