SRI National Facilitator – Cyriaque Akakpo, INRAB
WAAPP Coordinator – Y. Janvier Capo-Chichi, PROCAD

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SRI achieves success in a rice innovation platform in Southern Benin [French – 23 Oct 2015] – In an interview published on the French-language news site, the president of the WAAPP-created rice innovation platform (IP) in the Ouémé-Plateau, SRI is being successfully used in the IP to boost rice yields to 10-12 tons/hectare. IPs are being promoted throughout West Africa as a means of better integrating agricultural and animal production value chains.

SRI training kicks of large effort to train 5,000 farmers in Southern Benin’s Ouémé River Valley [06 Jan 2015] – Fresh from the August 2014 regional training and workshop in neighboring Togo, the Benin WAAPP host organization PROCAD held the first training in November of an initiative designed to mainstream SRI in the important Ouémé River Valley in the southern part of the country. Read more…

DEDRAS completes two SRI trainings in Northern Benin [27 May 2014] – After first training farmers across Northern Benin in May and June 2013, the local NGO DEDRAS (l’Organisation pour le Développement Durable, le Renforcement et l’Auto-promotion des Structures Communautaires) decided to push further with SRI throughout the region in 2014, and in early May 2014 conducted back-to-back three day SRI trainings. Read more…


IED Afrique – AGRIDAPE Vol 29 No 1 – Le Système de Riziculture Intensive  (French)
This edition of AGRIDAPE covers SRI in multiple countries, with an article entitled: ‘Expérimentation de la méthode SRI au Bénin : Des résultats satisfaisants’.


DÉDESC-ONG — Project Report (French)
Sub-Regional Project, 01 August – 31 December 2015
Project report from a five-month sub-regional project hosted by Benin and involving youth participants from Niger, Burkina Faso and Togo, alongside farmers, young champions and technicians from Benin. See as well the September 2015 training report from DÉDESC-ONG and the December 2015 exchange visit report, both listed below.

DÉDESC-ONG — Exchange Visit Report (French)
Tchaourou and Bembèrèkè, 04-05 December 2015
Report from a sub-regional exchange visit held in northern Benin as part of the sub-regional youth SRI project organized through the SRI-WAAPP project. See as well the project report, listed above.

DÉDESC-ONG — Training Report (French)
Parakou, 31 August – 02 September 2015
Report from a sub-regional training of farmers, young champions and technicians on SRI. This event integrated a training specifically for young SRI champions from Burkina Faso, Niger, Benin and Togo, alongside a training for farmers and technicians in Northern Benin, and was carried out by Antonin AKIYOKO and Lionel AYEDEGUE. See as well the January 2016 project report from DÉDESC-ONG, listed above.

ProCAD/WAAPP-Benin  — Training Report (French)
Dangbo, 12-14 November 2014
Report from a training workshop for farmers to launch the SRI-WAAPP SRI demonstration trials in the Ouémé River Valley.

MAEP, WAAPP and INRAB  — Workshop report (French)
Lokossa, 21-23 October 2014
Report from a summary and review meeting of a regional workshop on SRI held in Kpalimé Kpalimé in August, 2014.

DEDRAS — Training report (French)
Banikoara, July 2014

DEDRAS — Training report (French)
Sirarou, 05-07 May 2014
SRI farmer training held in Parakou-Tchaourou, Bénin.

DEDRAS-ONG — Training report (French)
Djougou, 08-10 May 2014
Report from an SRI training of trainers for village advisory agents by PDI in the Partago District, and two CARDER agents in the Djougou Commune.

SRI-Rice — Benin March 2014 SRI-Rice Trip Report
The trip report from SRI-Rice Technical Specialist Devon Jenkins’ technical support visit to Southern and Central Benin in March, 2014.

SCDA Tchaourou & DéDESC-ONG — Project report (French)
Tchaourou, July 2013-January 2014
End of project report for the FoReVa project’s 2013-2014 season.

DEDRAS-ONG — Training report (French)
Dèguè (Banikoara), 20-22 May 2013
Simpérou (Banikoara), 23-25 May 2013
Tintinmou (Banikoara), 27-29 May 2013
Sirarou (Parakou), 30 May-01 June 2013
Report from a series of SRI farmers’ trainings.

Training Manuals

DEDRAS – SRI Training Manual – Adapted for local conditions in Banikoara (French)
“Manuel de formation – Les principes et pratiques fondamentaux du SRI et le model SRI élaboré pour adaptation aux conditions locales de le commune de Banikoara”
by AKIYOKO Antonin Olakounlé, May 2014


Pascal Gbenou – PhD Dissertation – Evaluation participative du Système de Riziculture Intensive dans la basse vallée de l’Ouémé au Bénin (French) – A PhD dissertation for a doctorate in geography from Benin’s Université d’Abomey-Calavi, covering SRI as a means of improving food security in Benin’s southern Ouémé River Valley.

AGRHYMET / FFEM/CC / CILSS – Technical Sheet – Diffusion of the System of Rice Intensification to improve food production in Southern Benin (French) – This short technical document examines the ability of SRI to contribute to food security in southern Benin, and was produced by researchers at AGRHYMET, in Niamey, Niger.


Interview with Daniel Ah Messe [French], SRI farmer from Dogba, Benin, while attending the First West Africa System of Rice Intensification (SRI) Workshop, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, July 26-27, 2012


Farmer evaluation of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) and the conventional rice cultivation in Benin
Pascal Gbenou, Kakanitchoé, Adjohoun, Benin; Noukpo Agossou, Department of Geography, University of Calavi, Benin; and Marjolein Visser, Department of Ecology, Free University of Brussels
Presented at the 4th International Rice Congress (IRC), Bangkok, Thailand, 27 Oct – 01 Nov 2014.



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