Burkina Faso

SRI National Facilitator – Ibrahima Ouedraogo, INERA
WAAPP Coordinator – Bernard Dabire


INERA / SRI-WAAPP – 2015 Country Update (French)
December 2015
An annual country update for the SRI-WAAPP project, illustrated with images from the project and case studies / success stories. Prepared by SRI-WAAPP National Facilitator Dr. Ibrahima Ouedraogo.

CODEGAZ – Annual Report
The “2014 Agro-Nutrition and Energy Report” from French NGO CODEGAZ, highlighting activities in Burkina Faso and Senegal, as well as North Africa, Eastern Europe, South and Southeast Asia, East Africa, and Madagascar.


WAAPP-Burkina Faso – Les Nouvelles du WAAPP Burkina Faso [French]
Quarterly Newsletter #8, June 2014
There are two articles on SRI in this issue: 1) TRANSFERT DE TECHNOLOGIES : Productivité agricole Le SRI pour accroître la productivité du riz; 2) TRANSFERT DE TECHNOLOGIES : Système de riziculture intensive (SRI) Former pour mieux l’adopter.

AGRIDAPE Magazine (AgriCultures) –  Burkina Faso: La formation aux méthodes SRI améliore le quotidien des paysans de Bama [French]
April 2013
Alain Oscar and Pierre Belem. [PDF version available]

WAAPP-Burkina Faso – Les Nouvelles du WAAPP Burkina Faso [French]
Quarterly Newsletter #2, December 2012
There is one article on SRI in this issue: Développement de la filière riz – Le SRI pour booster la productivité du riz

Media Articles

African Business Magazine – La bataille du riz [French]
November 2015
A short article highlighting the SRI work being done by INERA and the SRI-WAAPP project’s National Facilitator, Dr. Ibrahima Ouégraogo.


Amélioration de la productivité du riz par le système de Riziculture Intensif (SRI) (French)
Poulouma Louis Yameogo, Ibrahima Ouedraogo, Issoufou Yapi Sinare, Zacharie Segda
Institut de l’Environnement et de Recherches Agricoles; AgriAdvice Center; Centre Agricole Polyvalent de Matourkou
Scientific poster prepared for a WAAPP knowledge-sharing workshop by the SRI-WAAPP National Facilitator for Burkina Faso, Dr. Ibrahima Ouedraogo.


Find more information about SRI in Burkina Faso on the SRI-Rice website, here.

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