SRI National Facilitator – Abdoulaye Sy, ANCAR
WAAPP Coordinator – Oumar Sene


World Bank – ‘Times are Hard and Uncertain’: Senegal Adopts Climate Smart Agriculture to Mitigate Effects of Climate Change – 03 December 2015

Le Soleil Online – Terroirs villageois à matam : 18 unités pastorales se renforcent en infrastructures – 05 September 2015

SRI-WAAPP – Regional technical training held in Dakar, Senegal, on mobile data collection, cartography and GIS – 10 September 2015 – L’ANCAR mise sur la riziculture intensive dans le Sine Saloum – 2015

SRI-WAAPP – Senegal’s SRI project featured on national television – 08 January 2015

SRI-WAAPP – Senegal launches major SRI initiative to train up to 5,000 farmers in the western Peanut Basin – 12 December 2014


TEEB – The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) for Agriculture and Food Interim Report (PDF, 124 pages)
Geneva, 2015
This report from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) features SRI in Senegal, highlighting water savings and increased farmer revenue, among other projects.

IED Afrique – AGRIDAPE Vol 29 No 1 – Le Système de Riziculture Intensive
This edition of AGRIDAPE covers SRI in multiple countries, with an article entitled: ‘Le Système de Riziculture Intensive (SRI), une réponse aux changements climatiques des producteurs de la Région de Fatick’.


Participating SRI-WAAPP countries are producing promotional and educational SRI videos to broadcast on national television stations. Those produced in Senegal are listed below. See the full SRI-WAAPP playlist here.

Le Sénégal – Video SRI bassin arachidier SENEGAL/ANCAR
Le Sénégal – SRI-WAAPP projet nouvelles


SRI-Rice – Support Trip Report
January, 2016
A support trip report from a visit by the Regional Coordination Unit to Senegal and the Gambia in December, 2015, including a regional workshop in Dakar.

ANCAR – Project Annual Report (French)
Kaolack, December 2015
The annual report for the SRI-WAAPP project activities in Senegal, covering the Kaffrine, Kaolack, and Fatick target zones.

SRI-Rice – Support Trip Report
May, 2015
A support trip report from a visit by the Regional Coordination Unit to Senegal in February and March, 2015, including SRI trainings in Ziguinchor and Toubacouta.

FAO – Research Report (French) (PDF, 28 pages)
Rome, 2012
A research report written developed from a PhD dissertation (University of California, Santa Cruz) by Timothy Krupnik that experimented with variations on farmer-adapted SRI in the Senegal River Valley. See also Krupnik’s PhD dissertation, below.

USAID – Training Report (French) (PDF, 32 pages)
Kaolack, 27-29 June 2012
The report from a national training of trainers on SRI, held in Kaolack in June 2012 as part of USAID’s regional E-ATP project.

Theses and Dissertations

Lorraine Perricone-Dazzo – Master’s Thesis (PDF, 128 pages)
Cornell University, 2014
Master’s thesis covering participatory farmer trials of adapted rainfed SRI systems in the Kaffrine region.

Danielle Stoermer – Master’s Thesis (PDF, 189 pages)
Cornell University, 2013
Master’s thesis evaluating the Peace Corps Master Farmer program in Senegal, including aspects on SRI promotion as part of this program.

Timothy Krupnik – PhD Dissertation
University of California, Santa Cruz, 2011
PhD dissertation covering participatory farmer research in the Senegal River Valley using SRI and farmer-adapted variations on SRI.


Find more information about SRI in Senegal on the SRI-Rice website, here.

Contact us, or find out more about SRI in Senegal!

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