SRI National Facilitator – Emmanuel Abo, NCRI
WAAPP Coordinator – Damian Okey Chikwendu



Nigeria’s ‘The Nation’ Focuses on SRI and SCI for Food Security
[31 May 2014]

In an article published today in Nigeria’s The Nation newspaper, author Daniel Essiet profiled SRI and the related System of Crop Intensification (SCI) as leading examples of agroecological production methods that can help Nigeria achieve greater food security. The article focuses on how agroecological farming methodologies have the power to increase production without many of the negative effects witnessed by adoption of conventional/industrial agricultural practices, drawing links between human livelihoods, food security, ecological health, biodiversity, and sociocultural preservation. Read more…

A (different!) World Bank project finds success promoting SRI in Nigeria
[21 July 2013]

With the largest population in Africa, and rapid urban migration, Nigeria is one of the largest rice importers in the world, and indeed has become dependent on food imports across the board—a situation the federal government is keen to reverse. While the GoN has mandated that each state work to increase domestic food production, the World Bank has also stepped in, partnering with the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources to develop the Commercial Agriculture Development Project for Nigeria (CADP), a six-year, USD$ 185m project, expected to finish at the end of 2014. CADP’s Team Leader and Senior Operations Specialist for the World Bank, Lucas Akapa, spoke recently about the project’s successful inclusion of SRI in Nigeria’s northern state of Kano, saying that adoption of SRI in the area has been a key part of helping raise yields throughout the region. Read more…


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