SRI National Facilitator – Adamou Haougui, INRAN
WAAPP Coordinator – Gourou Soumana Abdoulaye


WAAPP-Niger – 2014-15 SRI Dry Season Activity Report [French]
2015, by WAAPP Niger
This report covers dry season SRI trials for the 2014-2015 season, summarizing results from three different trial locations, with side-by-side trials of SRI and conventional rice production at each site, with both irrigated and rainfed conditions at one of the sites (Say II). At the Say II site, the average number of tillers per pocket with SRI management increased by 24% for the irrigated sites (36 vs 29), and 66% for the rainfed sites (25 vs 15), while average yields with SRI management increased by 29% for the irrigated sites, and 31% for the rainfed sites (8.45 vs 6.55 t/ha for irrigated plots, and 3.94 vs 3 t/ha for rainfed plots). At the Sébéri site, the average number of tillers was 58% higher for SRI plots (52 vs 33), while yields increased by 30% (8.29 vs 6.38 t/ha). At the Daibéri site average tiller numbers increased by 57% (58 vs 37), while yields increased by 64% (8.03 vs 4.89 t/ha). The larger difference in yields observed at Daibéri was attributed to an increased rate of organic matter used for fertilization (1.5 times more than at the other sites), which allowed farmers to completely forego use of synthetic fertilizers, and a more stringent adherence to the 25cm x 25cm spacing commonly used in SRI. Water use was reduced by 30%, though labor increased, and weed seeds were an issue due to the type of organic matter used. Both issues were planned to be addressed in a second season of trials, through increased familiarity with SRI methods and distribution of mechanical weeders (reducing labor needs).

Media and Website Articles

WAAPP-Niger – WAAPP-Niger Quarterly News Bulletin [French]
April – June 2015
This quarterly news bulletin for WAAPP-Niger focuses largely on the rice sector, and highlights SRI in multiple places, including on the cover, in the editorial letter from the WAAPP-Niger coordinator, in an article about the 8th government / World Bank joint support mission (where they visited SRI farmers in Sébéri), in an article about a new 2015 version rice inventory study for Niger (SRI is mentioned as one of the strategies promoted in the report), and in a full-page article about SRI (on page 14).

RECA – Introduction to SRI [French]
21 December 2015
This web page largely draws material from two resources – the 56-page SRI-WAAPP technical manual, and a 4-page SRI ‘Innovation Sheet’ written by AGHRYMET researchers based on experiences in Benin.


Tele Dounia – SRI-WAAPP Promotional Video [French] – 2014

SRI-WAAPP – Interview with an SRI farmer in Sébéri [French and Zarma] – 2015


SRI-WAAPP – SRI Niger Research Poster [French] – 2016
Haougui Adamou, Souley Hamidou, Rabi Alou, Issoufou Garba, Mahamadou Chamsou Maigari, Amadou Bonkano, Cissé Alfaïzé Saidou, Basso Adamou, Sido Amir, Mossi Maïga Illiassou, Saminou El hadj
Scientific poster presenting results from the first year of trails for the SRI-WAAPP project in Niger.


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