SRI National Facilitator – Robert Bimba, CHAP
WAAPP Coordinator – J. Cyrus Saygbe


Manuals, Guides and Reports

CHAP – Final Inception Report May – August 2014
September, 2014

SRI-Rice – Liberia February / March 2014 SRI-Rice Trip Report
The trip report from SRI-Rice Director of Programs Erika Styger’s technical support visit to Liberia in February and March, 2014.

CHAP – Final Report on SRI TOT Workshop
Kakata City, Margibi County – 17-19 December, 2013



CHAP – Machines for SRI

CHAP – CHAP TV spot on SRI
April, 2015

SRI-Rice – Interview with Elizabeth Bimba on SRI experiences
March, 2014

SRI-Rice – Interview with Robert Bimba on SRI experiences
March, 2014

SRI-Rice – SRI farmer in Liberia
March, 2014

SRI-Rice – Interview with Robert Bimba at the first regional SRI workshop in Ouagadougou
July 2012



Sierra Leone News: WAAPP Sierra Leone on Sub-Regional SRI Champions Experience Sharing in Liberia [Awoko | 25 June 2015]
Sierra Leonean news site Awoko covered the SRI-WAAPP Anglophone exchange, which brought together SRI-WAAPP actors from Liberia, Ghana, Sierra Leone and The Gambia to discuss SRI-WAAPP project activities, and share successes from Liberia’s program, led by focal institution CHAP. Nigeria was unable to attend the event due to logistical issues.

Government of Liberia Needs to Empower Farmers to Boost Rice Production, Says Lawmaker [Oryza | 23 June 2015]
Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 4-country Anglophone SRI-WAAPP exchange in Liberia, a prominent lawmaker called for the Liberian government to follow through on rhetoric to increase rice production nationally and reduce imports.

Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf attends SRI field day, endorsing SRI for national food security [14 May 2014]
President of Liberia and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was on hand to commemorate the first System of Rice Intensification (SRI) field day in Liberia, kicking off a three-day harvest celebration of SRI-produced Nerica L-19 rice at Community of Hope Agricultural Project’s (CHAP) farm located on the outskirts of Monrovia. Speaking to the crowd, President Johnson-Sirleaf, herself a farmer, stressed the importance of farmers to the nation’s food security, and praised both CHAP’s work and the SRI methodology. Read more…

Liberia hosts first national SRI Training of Trainers (ToT) [05 January 2014]
Rev. Robert Bimba, the charismatic head of the Community of Hope Agriculture Project (CHAP) and national coordinator for the Farmer’s Union Network (FUN), realized immediately when visiting Burkina Faso in the summer of 2012 that SRI had the potential to transform his country. While rice is centrally important to Liberia’s livelihoods and cultural heritage,  production is low, and past efforts to change this have been met with limited success, at best. SRI, however, was different, and he knew this from the beginning. After one year of testing SRI on CHAP’s own plots, the organization has now conducted Liberia’s first national Training of Trainers (ToT), bringing together participants from every county in Liberia. Read more…


Find more information about SRI in Liberia on the SRI-Rice website, here.

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